Swimming Pool and Spa Contractors

We can produce for you, your very own pre-fabricated swimming pool. We can work with your self and our CAD design team to create a concept which will meet your creative vision. 

We can also offer on site swimming pool fabrication for larger pools which cannot be transported in on piece. Generally the largest pre-fabricated pool delivered in one piece would be 3.5m width x 8m length. Larger sizes would need to be delivered in segments and fabricated on site.

Why choose a stainless steel pool?

HYGIENE: Bacteria does not stick to stainless steel like it does to fibreglass and liner spas. We use state of the art UV light technology in all our spas which limits the need for chemicals. We include only sand filters in our spas - not cartridge filters which are more effective at eliminating dirt from your water.

LUXURIOUS: Stainless steel offers far superior appearance to a garden or pool room than plastic as stainless steel reflects the natural surroundings around it. Stainless steel does not loose its appearance over time, and maintains its shiny finish and solid structure.

ULTIMATE CREATIVITY: As UK manufacturers we can produce a unique pool for you, made to order.

Please call us on 01244 780069 and ask to speak to one of our swimming pool experts.