Benefits of our Stainless Steel Spas VS Plastic and Concrete

Strong and Durable


Slight structural movements that can happen on spas can put stress on the concrete or fiberglass structure itself as well as around the various swimming pool plumbing and lighting fixtures which can often lead to leaks. 

One major advantage of stainless steel swim spas is that they are fabricated ahead of time, waterproofed in place and tested while filling to avoid all the problems that concrete pools can bring. 

Here at resistance swim spas we use 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Grade 316 has virtually the same mechanical, physical and fabrication characteristics as 304 with better corrosion resistance, particularly to pitting corrosion in chloride environments. 

Grade 316 (UNS S31600) is the second most popular grade in the stainless steel family. 

Long Life Span


The properties of stainless steel give it many advantages over traditional concrete and fiberglass swim spas. 

  • Ease of custom designs and excellent long-term structural rigidity.
  • Stainless steel is extremely well suited to provide long-lasting, low maintenance, corrosion-resistant pools and hot tubs.
  • According to the Specialty Steel Industry of North America, “the longevity of stainless is the result of the alloying composition and, therefore, it has a natural corrosion resistance.”  
  • The material will not delaminate, crack, peel, discolor, leak or require renewing finishes over the lifespan of the product. 
  • Stainless steel has higher initial cost but provides best long-term value for money over the life expectancy of the project and will also add more value to your property.  



 Stainless steel is ideal in terms of hygiene and requires very little cleaning due to its smooth nonporous surface.

The material’s resistance to corrosion not only gives it a long life-span, but it also inhibits bacteria from growing and is much easier to clean and maintain. 

This is the main reason why you will find that commercial kitchens are made from stainless steel. When cleanliness is crucial, stainless steel can be found.