Hydrotherapy Spas Stainless Steel

Create Your Own Relaxing Oasis...

stainless steel hydrotherapy spa jacuzzi hot tub large small indoor outdoor garden

Our spas are perfect for clients looking to make a relaxing oasis in the garden or in their home interior, above or below ground. Our spas will fulfil the needs of clients looking to create an aesthetic masterpiece in their home, get relief in the form of hydrotherapy from our range of massage jets and create a space for family and friends to create long lasting memories.

Suitable for all Shapes and Sizes...


Our spas comes can some with a range of hydro therapy massage jets, heated air blowers, white or multi colour lights and all plant equipment. Made from marine grade stainless steel they require minimal maintenance and cleaning due to the sterile nature of stainless steel. Our spas come with optional multi height seating to suit adults of all heights. With no restricted moulded seating, you will feel free to move around, stretch, lie down and play in our spas.

Hydrotherapy Relief...


Not only do our spas look and feel great they offer real hydrotherapy benefits and can be adapted to your needs. For example, massage jets positioned to your exact back height or problem joint area height, specifically strong massage jets for problem body areas. Our spas are even big enough and powerful enough for you to enjoy use of a resistance underwater bicycle in your spa for resistance exercise.

Stainless Steel Hot Tubs

Less Maintenance than Fiberglass

Our stainless steel hot tubs are naturally more hygienic than fiberglass hot tubs as the surfaces are non porous so the bacteria doesn't stick to the walls. This means a cleaner hot tub and less maintenance. 

More Aesthetically pleasing

If you are investing a good sum of money into your hot tub, we believe that it should look as good as it feels. Stainless steel reflects the natural light and colours around it, creating a more natural and luxurious look. 

Longer Life Span than other Hot Tubs

Fiberglass can and will crack . over time. This means potentially having to buy a replacement or getting your supplier to put a temporary fix in place. Stainless steel on the other hand, is extremely robust to damage and weather change and will consequently give you a better long term investment. 

Video: Stainless Steel Spa