Exercise Swim Spas


Our Exercise swim spas are suitable for all ages and all skill level of swimmers who wish to swim endlessly. This compact pool offers you the chance to swim from the comfort of your own home for exercise or fun. 

HYGIENE: Bacteria does not stick to stainless steel like it does to fibreglass and liner spas. We use state of the art UV light technology in all our spas which limits the need for chemicals. We include only sand filters in our spas - not cartridge filters which are more effective at eliminating dirt from your water.

LUXURIOUS: Stainless steel offers far superior appearance to a garden or pool room than plastic as stainless steel reflects the natural surroundings around it. Stainless steel does not loose its appearance over time, and maintains its shiny finish and solid structure.

ULTIMATE SWIM: Our swim jets are powered by high 4HP quality pumps, sourced from the UK. Our swim jets are carefully designed to give you the optimum swimming experience with limited water turbulence.

fast lane endless pools swim spa stainless steel swimming counter current pre fabricated spa
fast lane endless pools swim spa stainless steel swimming counter current pre fabricated spa


As standard our exercise spa comes as follows:

Marine Grade stainless steel (mirror polished or satin finish)

Steel enforcement (self standing pool)

Skimmer Model with seating at rear end 

3 kw swim jet / Plastic Fittings

External Size 2.6m x 5m x 1.3m  (can be made to any size)

2 x LED lights white or RGB multi coloured

Sand filtration system 

Electric Heating 9kw (or air sourced heat pump)

UV Light Technology System

Pre-fabricated and plumbed

Modifications available:

6kw swim jet for additional speed

Remove seating

Add in additional seating 

Add in corner seating

Change spa to overflow instead of skimmer spa

Change fittings to chrome or stainless steel instead of plastic

Add in massage jets and water fountains

Add on side panels for above ground installation 

Stainless steel swim spa for hydrotherapy and exercise with optional add on hot tub module.
Stainless steel swim spa for hydrotherapy and exercise with optional add on hot tub module.

In Fabrication stainless steel exercise spa

Customer Swim Spa Installation

Kniel Chapman has recently received his exercise swim spa which was placed into his new pool house.  He is currently connecting his spa to his external plant cabinet before connecting up the power. He is excited to get the pool filled up so his grandchildren and wife, can get in for a swim. His swim spa includes an exercise swim jet, overflow system with stainless steel grating, seating at the rear end with LED lighting. 

Transporting your Spa

Our spas are full fabricated in our UK factory and transported to the clients site by either a trailer, flat bed vehicle or a hiab. Once the spa reaches site, it is craned into position ready for installation. Please call us to discuss where you would like to locate your spa for expert advise and a quotation 01244 780069.

Below Ground Installation

Our spas are fabricated for below or above ground installation. If your spa is being installed below ground, you will have some ground work preparation to do. There are different methods and techniques which can be used for this process. Please call us to discuss for installation advise 01244 780069.

Factory Water Testing Video

Watch this video, showing one our spas being tested in the factory. We apologise if our two wonderful fabricators look a bit chilly, the pool was leaving the same day so there was no time to put the heating on, they still had a great time though swimming against the current. 

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