Choose your own design and specification...

All our swim spas, swimming pools and hot tubs are manufactured in our UK factory. We sell and deliver nationwide and internationally. All our spas are made to order, to your specification. We use the highest quality marine grade stainless steel for all our spas. 


Fast Lane (by Endless Pools) Stainless Steel Swim Spas

Find out more information about our FAST LANE swim spa. This model features the endless pools branded swim jet, which offers an advanced swim experience. 

stainless steel  swim spa endless pool counter current swimming deluxe salt water pool prefabricated

Exercise (3 hp or 6 hp power) Stainless Steel Swim Spas

Find out more about our EXERCISE swim spas. This model features single and dual speed swim jets for a great swim experience for all swim levels.


Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Spas and Hot Tubs

Find out more information about our stainless steel hot tubs and hydro therapy spas. Our model hot tubs are more aesthetically pleasing than alternative fiberglass models and have a longer life span.


Stainless Steel Splash Pools and Swimming Pools

Find out more about our stainless steel swimming pools. Our pools can be fabricated within our factory and delivered within one piece or fabricated on site. 

Benefits of Resistance Swim Spas


Clean, Sterile and Easy Maintenance

Custom Made in the UK from Stainless Steel

Custom Made in the UK from Stainless Steel

Unlike plastic, fiberglass, lino and concrete spas, stainless steel is non pourous. This means that the bacteria does not stick to the pool walls, bacteria stays on the top level of the water and gets correctly filtered out of your spa. 


Custom Made in the UK from Stainless Steel

Custom Made in the UK from Stainless Steel

Custom Made in the UK from Stainless Steel

We understand that each customer is different, each of our swim spas are tailored to your requirements. Whether that be a specific size requirement, preference on swim jet (such as the fast lane by endless pools) and optional add ons such as massage jets, overflow sytems and more. 


Aesthetically Beautiful and Strong

Custom Made in the UK from Stainless Steel

Aesthetically Beautiful and Strong

Stainless steel swim spas are highly sought after due to the aesthetic effect on a property. Unlike other cumbersome looking spas, our stainless steel spas are a magical sight, this is mainly due to the refelective nature of the steel which  reflects the light and natural colours around them.


Customer Video Footage of their Resistance Swim Spa

Watch our lovely client Anthony's home video footage showing his swim spa in full use, offering exercise, training, hydrotherapy massage and most of all lots of fun for all the family. Our swim spas come in above and below ground models with a choice of swim jets in a choice of size options. Contact us for more information 01244 780069.

Swim Spa Family Fun Splash Time

Our swim spas offer you exercise and fun for all the family in the comfort of your own home. The memories you and your family will make in our swim spas will last a life time. Whether you want to swim, splash around, play with inflatables or surf the current, our pools are an all in one family must have. 

Outdoor Splash Pool in British Countryside

Watch this video clip our customer Ben Ross kindly sent us. His splash pool allows him and his family and friends to make the most of the beautiful country side backdrop. 

Underwater footage swimming againt the current

Check out this great video of our customer  endlessly swimming against the current. We have swim jets for all types and ability of swimmers. Contact us for more information 01244 780069.